Bier ist kein armseliger Ersatz fuer Wein.

Selbstbewußte Worte schickt Robert Lindsay vom Gasthaus "The Creel Inn" in Stonehaven an der englischen Ostküste seiner Bierkarte voraus:
"Beer is often seen as a poor substitute to wine for dining with. Infact brewing is a far more complex process than wine making. The flavours produced, some 400, are far more diverse than wine and often compliment food far better whilst being more refreshing .

I believe 'Beer is to dine for' and can accompany any dish in a restaurant. Even the glass ware has been chosen carefully for each beer from long flutes to wide rimmed goblets, allowing the unique aromas and flavours to be savoured.

Below you will find over 30 international beers from Rich robust Trappist to champagne like Faro's. I hope you will give one a try and I'm sure you will be very surprised."