Beer Hunter.

Der Autor Michael Jackson war einer der Wegbereiter der Bewegung für die Wiederentdeckung handwerklich erzeugten Bieres. Seine Bücher über Bier, aber auch Whisky, erreichten zusammen gerechnet eine Millionnauflage.

2004 begann der Video- und Filmproduzent J.R. Richards, DVDs mit Bierverkostungen bzw. Bierbesprechungen von Michael Jackson zu produzieren. Angedacht war auch ein längerer Dokumentarfilm. Doch 2007 starb Michael Jackson überraschend.

Freunde von Michael Jackson beschlossen, aus dem vorhandenen Filmmaterial von über 60 Stunden, das insbesondere bei Bierreisen von Michael Jackson entstanden ist, zu einem Dokumentarfilm zu schneiden - das "Beer Hunter Project":
"Through this rare visual record we are treated to an intimate picture of Michael, starting in his local neighborhood of London and progressing over the course of the next two years to beer meccas such as Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland, California, and the Delaware Valley. Woven into this unprecedented library of Michael's final years will be current interviews with the world's leading brewers, distillers, and beer enthusiasts, giving us insight into Michael's enigmatic personality, his remarkable contributions to beer and whiskey, and his secret struggle with Parkinson's Disease. In addition to the movie, a web series will be released at some point from the hours and hours of extra footage not used in the documentary, to be used a public resource for beer enthusiasts and fans of Michael.

It is the filmmakers' hope that through the movie and series, fans of Michael's work will gain a more complete picture of his life and story, and greatly expand their knowledge of craft beer, its history, geography, and enjoyment."
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Trailer zum Film.